E2CL, HC: Energy Efficient Cooperative Localized & Hierarchical Cluster Routing in CRN

2019 International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology  
With the advancement of Cognitive Radio Network (CRN), localization of primary users progress the improvement of network performance with respect to power adoption and reliability. Moreover, CRN localization is essential because storage energy of CR devices is limited and causes increased network lifetime. By considering these issues, we propose an Energy Efficient Cooperative Localization approach (EE-CL) in CRN, which is used for placing Primary User (PU) position with the help of mobile a
more » ... help of mobile a aided CR. Moreover, communication among CRs cooperation which leads to demand of more energy, a mobile CR is allowed to manage the overall positional accuracy and wake up minimum number of CR to collaborate CR manager. In order to investigate influence of accurate location knowledge, a location-aware CR (LaCR) routing protocol employed and to improve the network life time a Hierarchical clustering approach is applied. We evaluated the simulation results for the proposed Energy Efficient Cooperative Localization (EE-CL) Routing approach which achieves better performance compared to existing Cooperative Localization (CL) with respect to energy efficiency. Furthermore, remarkable performance is accomplished by LaCR protocol in terms of PUs collision risk with the help of localization knowledge obtained from EE-CL approach. Also Hierarchical Cluster Routing protocol acheives significant performance in enhancing the network life time.
doi:10.35940/ijeat.b3327.129219 fatcat:m3vujdtowjdodcfzlwg3dmjwxy