2007 Issues in Information Systems  
Information systems have become an integral part of social, professional, educational, and business environments. Technology has shown its mark through companies such as MySpace, YouTube, Ebay, Blackboard, Amazon, and Facebook. The Internet has enabled people to pursue unique business opportunities and create social phenomena and trends online. Technology that is at the root of new business trends and opportunities is Web 2.0 software, which is the next generation of web technologies that
more » ... nologies that utilize the Internet as a platform to emphasize networking, collaboration, and sharing amongst users. This paper outlines a system to bring innovation to the process of supporting entrepreneurs and their communities by resource providers through the application of Web 2.0 software. The model characterizes how technology can be leveraged to streamline the business development process in order to route entrepreneurs through the various business development and growth life cycle stages with a selfsustaining network. It is through both vertical and horizontal communication that entrepreneurs will proceed through the various stages of business development and receive the technical assistance to address the many questions and problems facing entrepreneurs. The individualized network allows entrepreneurs to obtain timely and pertinent information and training that directly applies to their individual needs.
doi:10.48009/2_iis_2007_186-192 fatcat:6l6y2iaf2jb5tlqt6wgosmlopm