Software project management based on dynamic programming algorithm

Zhidong Li, Xiaohuan Yu
2015 Proceedings of the First International Conference on Information Sciences, Machinery, Materials and Energy   unpublished
At present, social media is developing rapidly, and the frequency of public crises is increasing, which has a certain impact on social stability. This paper studies the public crisis management measures based on dynamic programming algorithm. According to the knapsack problem of public crisis management, dynamic programming algorithm was designed, and the traditional dynamic programming algorithm came up, then 5 different types of data sets used for three dynamic programming algorithms were run
more » ... 10 times in the 5 different types of experimental data sets. The test results show that the efficiency of the algorithm proposed in this paper is improved.
doi:10.2991/icismme-15.2015.185 fatcat:robllww3wrghpawqleo46bg66a