Effect of muramyl dipeptide and alum adjuvants on immunization with Filarial multi antigen peptide vaccine in mice model

I. Christiana, R. Aparnaa, R. Rohit, D. Nageswara Rao, P. Kaliraj
2016 Helminthologia  
Filarial thioredoxin and transglutaminase are enzymes that are secreted throughout the lifecycle of the parasites which are mandatory for the survival of the parasite. They are reported to be promising vaccine candidates, yet the limitation factors of these proteins to be developed as vaccines is their homology they share with the host proteins. Hence immunodominant epitopes from these proteins were constructed as peptides and immunised in mice model with Muramyl dipeptide (MDP) as adjuvant.
more » ... DP) as adjuvant. Immunodominant epitopic portions from Filarial thioredoxin and transglutaminase which are non-homologous with host proteins were constructed as Multi Antigen Peptide (MAP) and assembled in an inert lysine core. The synthesised MAP was immunised with MDP as adjuvant in Balb/c mice model, humoral and cellular immune response were studied. Antibody titre levels for TT MAP with MDP was in par with alum as adjuvant in mice models. T cell responses of TT MAP with MDP showed a balanced TH1/TH2 response. The TH1 cytokines namely IL-2 and IFN-ɤ were also higher in TT MAP immunised groups with MDP as adjuvant whereas alum immunised groups was TH2 biased. TT MAP admixed with MDP as adjuvant proves to be safe in mice model. Further vaccination studies are underway in permissive animal models to determine the role of TT MAP with MDP as adjuvant in protective immunity against W. bancrofti and B. malayi infections.
doi:10.1515/helmin-2016-0022 fatcat:c2wdepqcwndo3k5zaupa77o4ti