A Four-Phase High Voltage Conversion Ratio Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for Battery Applications

Li-Kun Xue, Ping Wang, Yi-Feng Wang, Tai-Zhou Bei, Hai-Yun Yan
2015 Energies  
This study presents a four-phase interleaved high voltage conversion ratio bidirectional DC-DC converter circuit based on coupled inductors and switched capacitors, which can eliminate the defects of conventional high voltage conversion ratio bidirectional DC-DC converters in terms of high-voltage/current stress, less efficiency and low-power limitation. Parallel channels are used to reduce current stress at the low-voltage side and series connected switched capacitors are used to enlarge
more » ... ed to enlarge voltage conversion ratio, reduce voltage stress and achieve auto current sharing. This paper proposes the operation principle, feature analysis and optimization design considerations. On this basis the objectives of high voltage conversion ratio, low voltage/current stress, high power density, high efficiency and high-power applications can be achieved. Some experimental results based on a 500 W prototype converter (24 V to 48 V at low-voltage side, 400 V at high-voltage side) are given to verify the theoretical analysis and the effectiveness of the proposed converter.
doi:10.3390/en8076399 fatcat:bvflp3rn7vhynjfy5l5pyhyigq