Da representação à representatividade trans: a historiografia do travestismo no teatro ludovicense

Fernanda Areias Oliveira, Fernando Augusto Nascimento
2018 Urdimento  
This article discusses some aspects related to the representation and representativeness of the trans woman through the scenic resource of transvestism in the stages of São Luis (MA). In this historiography we highlight the clipping about a territoriality still little discussed in the mapping of the spectacles that focus the studies of gender in the context of the Brazilian theater, claiming in its investigation regional particularities of approach. For this, a mapping of historical documents
more » ... torical documents and interviews was carried out, it was focused on the analysis of the popular manifestation. The auto do bumba meu boi (XIX), typical folklore of the Maranhão culture, besides the spectacles Uma Linda quase mulher (1999), Travesqueens (2011) ) and Veronique (2015) , who served as cases for an investigation interested in the changes related to the appropriation of a representation discourse to the representativeness of the trans woman in the Ludovic scene at the end of the XX century and first decades of the XXI century in the capital Maranhão XX century, and first decades of the 20th century, in the capital of Maranhão.
doi:10.5965/1414573103332018074 fatcat:cybcdmqdbje6hahhgvjvoa56fi