Soundtrack Localisation: Culturally Adaptive Music Content for Computer Games

Ian R. O'Keeffe
2012 The Journal of Internationalization and Localization  
This paper focuses on the localisation and adaptation of one particular aspect of the computer game: the soundtrack. Sometimes bespoke, sometimes selected from commercial releases, it provides a background, supporting role in creating atmosphere and supporting the emotive state of the game space. But how often is the target market considered when selecting appropriate musical content? Is it possible to use this almost subliminal channel into the game player's consciousness to increase his
more » ... increase his awareness of what is happening around him, and give him a feel for his character's emotional and physical wellbeing? This paper presents a novel approach for transforming the soundtrack - via a system the author originally created for the purposes of capturing and recreating emotive content in music.
doi:10.1075/jial.2.03kee fatcat:ljmzynol6jcybkouxcj3bajqk4