Performance of Loss-Of-Mains Detection in Multi-Generator Power Islands

D. Tzelepis, A. Dysko, C. Booth
2016 13th International Conference on Development in Power System Protection 2016 (DPSP)   unpublished
This paper presents an investigation of the impact of multi-generator power islands on the performance of the most-commonly used anti-islanding protection method, Rate of Change of Frequency (ROCOF). In particular, various generating technology mixes including Photovoltaic panels (PV), Doubly Fed Induction Generators (DFIGs) and Synchronous Generators (SG) are considered. The Non-Detection Zone (NDZ) for a range of ROCOF setting options is assessed systematically and expressed as a percentage
more » ... d as a percentage of generator MVA rating. It was discovered that ROCOF protection becomes very ineffective when protection time delay is applied. In the majority of islanding situations the generator is disconnected by frequency-based G59 protection.
doi:10.1049/cp.2016.0066 fatcat:ngommhddyfahxffi5jluzkzekm