Radicalisation of public sentiment in Sikh society after 1947

Magdalena Cyran
2019 Annales UMCS Politologia  
In founding a new religious denomination -Sikhism -Guru Nanak in a way combines two rival religions -Hinduism and Islam. The tolerant nature of Sikhism garnered him many proponents, which contributed to the establishment of the Sikh Empire in the 19 th century. The Empire flourished until it was overthrown by armed forces of the British Crown. After the departure of the British colonizers in 1947, the idea of creating a sovereign Sikh state called Khalistān arose in the Punjab -the cradle of
more » ... b -the cradle of Sikhism in India. Gradually, the sentiments of large portion of the Sikh population became radicalized. A terrorist organization, formed by the Sikh fundamentalist Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and supported by many Sikhs, began persecuting the followers of other religions and fighting for the creation of a Sikh state in Punjab. The radicalization of public sentiments among the Sikh population led to mass pogroms, a military operation in the Sikhs' holy place and the assassination of Indira Gandhi, the prime minister of India.
doi:10.17951/k.2018.25.2.53-65 fatcat:yehwsxlq35crhoenhydl7a4534