The Effect of High Ship Speed Ratio on Collision Avoidance Behavior of COLREGS

Xinghua Wang, Li Na Li, Guoquan Chen
2019 TransNav: International Journal on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation  
The speed ratio is an important factor that must be considered when two vessels will course change to avoid collision. In the process of the research on Personifying Intelligent Decision-making for Vessel Collision Avoidance (short for PIDVCA), it is found that the effect of collision avoidance based on the existing "International Regulations for Prevention Collision at sea" (short for COLREGS) is greatly affected by the high speed ratio (k=Vt/V0≥1.5). Through the analysis on the geometric
more » ... the geometric change law of two vessels' relative motion in Open waters, the effects of the responsibility for the ship collision avoidance under the COLREGS and special case for high-speed ratio is discussed. According to the collision avoidance measures taken for two vessels encounter situation, some reasonable suggestions are put forward and the simulation experiments that based on shipʹs intelligent collision avoidance simulation platform are given to support the idea.
doi:10.12716/1001.13.02.07 fatcat:g6rkh647c5ehnbhtxtoixpykne