Canonical interpretation of the newly observed Λb(6146)0 and Λb(6152)0 via strong decay behaviors

Wei Liang, Qi-Fang Lü, Xian-Hui Zhong
2019 Physical Review D  
Stimulated by the newly observed $\Lambda_b(6146)^0$ and $\Lambda_b(6152)^0$ resonances, we investigate the strong decays of the low-lying singly bottom baryons within the quark pair creation model. Considering their masses and decay modes, we tentatively assign these states as the $\lambda-$ mode $\Lambda_b(2S)$, $\Lambda_b(1D)$, $\Sigma_b(2S)$, and $\Sigma_b(1P)$ states, and then estimate their strong decay widths. Compared with the experimental total widths and decay modes measured by the
more » ... measured by the LHCb Collaboration, the $\Lambda_b(6146)^0$ and $\Lambda_b(6152)^0$ can be reasonably clarified into the $J^P=5/2^+$ and $J^P=3/2^+$ $\Lambda_b(1D)$ sates respectively, while other canonical assignments are disfavored. Other low-lying bottom states are also presented, where various narrow states may have good potential to be observed in future LHCb experiments.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.100.054013 fatcat:t34m2toijnd2xmau6imezssr4i