Merytokracja we współczesnym Singapurze – zakres implementacji idei merytokratycznych na przykładzie systemu politycznego i systemu edukacji

Magdalena Lisewska
2019 Dialogi Polityczne  
Singapore is recognized as the most meritocratic of the currently existing countries. Since independence in 1965 and the creation of the Republic of Singapore, the authorities have introduced a number of innovative system solutions that have led to phenomenal success of the state, especially in economic terms. Included in the so-called Asian tigers Singapore is a country with a controversial reputation: at the same time admired for the effectiveness of the political elite and criticized for the
more » ... criticized for the strict legal system and suppression of the opposition. The purpose of this article is to look at the size of meritocratic solutions in the City of Leo, applied within the political and education system, to determine to what extent these areas can be called meritocratic.
doi:10.12775/dp.2019.004 fatcat:zs6irpnxhrazldhtpdjrykusde