Ecoturismo e conservação dos felídeos : uma proposta de plano de visitação [thesis]

Luciane Mesquita Mota
Ecotourism is a powerful tool for the feasibility of the preservation of Brazilian wildlife, considering the principles and the guidelines followed by the managers of this practice. In the State of Goiás, Brazil, the Preto Velho Farm is the site of a non-governmental organization named "No Extinction", which has as its main goal the protection of the threatened Brazilian jaguars, by the practice of Ecotourism. Thus, it was provided a project to improve Ecotourism in Preto Velho Farm, based in a
more » ... full inventory of the situation of the farm, followed by an accurate analysis of the data. The study showed that the Preto Velho Farm has great potential for Ecotourism and substantiated the proposals and skills for the implementation of this kind of touristic practice in the farm.
doi:10.26512/2003.05.tcc.410 fatcat:epw74oz3qnffnlmtheegd4oqce