On the Viscoelastic Parameters of Gussasphalt Mixture Based on Modified Burgers Model: Deviation and Experimental Verification

Faxiang Xie, Dengjing Zhang, Ao Zhou, Bohai Ji, Lin Chen
2017 Advances in Materials Science and Engineering  
Viscoelasticity is an important characteristic of gussasphalt mixtures. The aim of this study is to find the correct viscoelastic material parameters of the novel gussasphalt applied in the 4th Yangtze River Bridge based on the modified Burgers model. This study firstly derives the explicit Prony series form of the shear relaxation modulus of viscoelastic material from Laplace transformation, to fulfill the parameter inputting requirements of commonly used finite element software suites.
more » ... ware suites. Secondly, a kind of uniaxial penetration creep experiment on the gussasphalt mixtures is conducted. By fitting the creep compliance, the viscoelastic parameters characterized by the modified Burgers model are obtained. And thirdly, based on the viscoelastic test data of asphalt mixtures, the Prony series formula derived in this study is verified through the finite element simulation. The comparison results of the relative errors between the finite element simulation and the theoretical calculation confirm the reliability of the Prony series formulas deduced in this research. And finally, a stress-correcting method is proposed, which can significantly improve the accuracy of model parameters identification and reduce the relative error between the finite element simulation and the experimental data.
doi:10.1155/2017/4324765 fatcat:apuxzrokcjcglhnsfwvm4q6yfe