Diagnostics of the education quality in the higher educational institution

E. V. Myalkina
2019 Вестник Мининского университета  
the problem of diagnostics of the quality of education at a higher education institution is becoming increasingly relevant in the conditions of the need to fulfill the criteria for the effectiveness of higher education institutions, the introduction of new generation standards in higher education institutions and the modernization of the educational program management system. Diagnostics of the quality of education is considered as an important process that ensures a steady position of the
more » ... osition of the university in the educational services market, the growth of indicators for the admission campaign, the increase of reputational capital. Diagnostics of the quality of education makes it possible to identify significant factors in determining the prospects for the development of a university, having a significant impact on the performance indicators of a university and characterizing the results achieved and the resources used.Materials and Methods: the article discusses the system for the quality of education evaluation at Minin University, it describes its key components, reveals the elements of the diagnostic complex and their systemic interconnection. The characteristics of the elements of the diagnostic complex describes in detail the issue of improving the efficiency of the university in terms of the implementation of the management model of the main professional educational programs, the description of the diagnostic procedure for each category of participants in the educational process is presented.Results: the author describes the methodology and the main stages of diagnosing the quality of education at the university using the example of Minin University, gives integrated assessment criteria and their relationship with other elements of the monitoring system and evaluating the quality of education at the university, lists the effects of introducing a comprehensive system for diagnosing the quality of educational activities.Discussion and Conclusions: in the final part of the article, the possibilities of further improving the system of assessment of the quality of education in the educational system of higher education are considered. Arguments about the need to further expand the range of issues raised by the diagnostic process are made; the ratio of the existing positions of the university to the requirements of the legislation is made.
doi:10.26795/2307-1281-2019-7-3-4 fatcat:aiientrkc5e2bnhuotzoh2gsle