In Search of the Lost Prairie

Katie Price
1995 Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies  
We packed up our Nissan hatchback the night before, and set the alarm for six a.m. Our home life is characterized by a casual, grad student blend of high and low, old and new: a dirty second-hand economy car, an old world apartment with lustrous hardwood floors and high ceilings, spotty used furniture, and each morning the best coffee money can buy. On road trips, however, we sacrifice taste for speed, and get our first cup of coffee at the all-night gas station when we fill up the Nissan. We
more » ... up the Nissan. We pulled into the Quik Trip parking lot at 6:30, and as Joe was pumping the gas, I went inside with my brother, Allen-also a grad student, visiting us on his way to Seattle. At the coffee counter, Allen and I were delighted to find an instant cappucino machine, right next to the sticky burners with the traditional glass pots that had been sitting there for hours already, their contents thick and bitter. The cappucino, albeit instant, was truly a good sign. This was going to be a very special day.
doi:10.17077/2168-569x.1202 fatcat:roo4fblulvbbzdqxgfj5jk4o74