Dochodowość usług agroturystycznych w gospodarstwach kaszubskiej gminy Brusy [unknown]

Anna Wiśniewska
The agrotourism is one of the forms of economic functions of the Kashubian region. In the article is shown one of the Kashubian commune Brusy. The described area occupies 410 km2, with the total population over 13 500 people. There are 20 agrotouristic farms where 60% has seasonal status and provide their services between May and October. The total price including meals is about 46 zl. There is no differences between prices in season and after it. The commune is visited by 600 tourists a year
more » ... 0 tourists a year where 80% is seasonal. They spend in agrotouristic farms 6,5 days. The standard of farms is regarded as high by 85% owners. The declared, average annual total income of conducting agrotouristic activity is 5035 zl where increment net is 4125 zl. The level of average annual total coast is 910 zl. Agrotouristic services present only 11% in sources of total income in agrotouristic farms. It shows that this activity is profitable but the level of income is not very high. However the other communes of Kashubian region Czersk and Konarzyny reach the annual profits of 8000 zl. Presently in Brusy agrotouristic servises are treated as additional activity but they are developing.
doi:10.34858/spg.5.2008.006 fatcat:eq4ijef6u5d6fa3axe4mee4iem