Impact of Discrete Corrections in a Modular Approach for Trajectory Generation in Quadruped Robots

Carla M. A. Pinto, Cristina P. Santos, Diana Rocha, Vítor Matos, Theodore E. Simos, George Psihoyios, Ch. Tsitouras, Zacharias Anastassi
Online generation of trajectories in robots is a very complex task that involves the combination of different types of movements, i.e., distinct motor primitives. The later are used to model complex behaviors in robots, such as locomotion in irregular terrain and obstacle avoidance. In this paper, we consider two motor primitives: rhythmic and discrete. We study the effect on the robots' gaits of superimposing the two motor primitives, considering two distinct types of coupling. Additionally,
more » ... simulate two scenarios, where the discrete primitive is inserted in all of the four limbs, or is inserted in ipsilateral pairs of limbs. Numerical results show that amplitude and frequency of the periodic solutions, corresponding to the gaits trot and pace, are almost constant for diffusive and synaptic couplings.
doi:10.1063/1.3636776 fatcat:jrm6d2r3pfgwbkdntoxdukk3xa