Advances in Ceramic Supports for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells

Oran Lori, Lior Elbaz
2015 Catalysts  
Durability of catalyst supports is a technical barrier for both stationary and transportation applications of polymer-electrolyte-membrane fuel cells. New classes of non-carbon-based materials were developed in order to overcome the current limitations of the state-of-the-art carbon supports. Some of these materials are designed and tested to exceed the US DOE lifetime goals of 5000 or 40,000 hrs for transportation and stationary applications, respectively. In addition to their increased
more » ... ir increased durability, the interactions between some new support materials and metal catalysts such as Pt result in increased catalyst activity. In this review, we will cover the latest studies conducted with ceramic supports based on carbides, oxides, nitrides, borides, and some composite materials.
doi:10.3390/catal5031445 fatcat:iqmqejgkzveb7ncnyp5f5djj6a