A.V. Petrova, O. M. Makarova, Yu.V. Rud, V.D. Kuroiedova
2020 Актуальні проблеми сучасної медицини: Вісник Української медичної стоматологічної академії  
Now an orthodontist is a very demandable dental specialist due to increasing number of patients seeking for orthodontic care. Analysis of patients by their age, diagnosis and sex can allow orthodontists to understand more clearly which pathology and which patients are the most prevalent and to find the best approaches to satisfy the clients' demands. This analysis provides the potential to create more targeted approach in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of malocclusions. At the Department
more » ... Postgraduate Education of Orthodontists, Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy, we performed an analysis of 2,359 outpatient medical cards (1296 patients, who took treatment in 2019, and 1063 patients, who took treatment in 1999). It is noteworthy that for the 20-year period the number of people seeking for orthodontic care has risen in 9.9 times, despite the rapid development of private dentistry services. The data of the analysis have demonstrated that today adults make up the larges share of the orthodontic patients. Therefore, orthodontic correction by using fixed appliances has become a priority. Moreover, female individuals ask for help more often that is determined by the increase in women's social attitude to their appearance. All this confirms social and psychological significance of orthodontics. As for the male individuals seeking for orthodontic care, their number has been found out to increase in the age 14 – 18 that may be related to the findings revealed at pre-military medical checkups. As for the commonest types of malocclusions for these two periods, I class malocclusion by Angle has been found out as the most prevalent, II class by Angle is ranking the second position and III class by Angle and a deep bite are sharing the third position.
doi:10.31718/2077-1096.20.2.215 fatcat:bu7rb5yh7fecneheqpk7ehcg4e