Ziziphus Jujube as an Eco-friendly Organic Inhibitor of Aluminum Corrosion in Acidic Medium

2020 ijghc  
The present study is the method to discovery anew inhibitor that can to simply be used and handled, as well as non-toxic, cheap and accessible. In this study, an aqueous extract from natural plant-like (Ziziphus jujube) is used to protect aluminum in acidic mediums and for the reason of estimating the inhibition performing of this inhibitor, many examinations have been attended which contain determining the corrosion rate within methods known weight loss, and microscopic examination test. In
more » ... ing weight method, the inhibition efficacy of aluminum corrosion in HCl acid solution reached about (91.26 %). The microscopic investigation test shows the clarity of the metal surface which is underneath the corrosion medium and which includes inhibitor from any kind of corrosion that can be found on the surface which is under mediums absolutely empty from inhibitor and furthermore shows the clarity of that protect film on the surface. The information on the corrosion rate illustrates that the means of doing that organic inhibitor is adsorbing and the inhibitor molecules are adsorbed on the metal surface corresponding to Langmuir adsorption isotherm.
doi:10.24214/ijghc/gc/9/1/00915 fatcat:ylkh66whwbc3fftxv4fa2najcy