Surgical Cases Occurring in the Massachusetts General Hospital, Service of Dr. Henry J. Bigelow

Richard H. Derby
1867 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
Fibro-cellular Tumor of Scrotum; Removal; Recovery.-Patient, M. C, aged 46, entered the Hospital January 3d, 18G7. Three years before, he presented himself to Dr. Bigclow at the Hospital, with a similar tumor, which is described as having tho general aspect of a large hydrocele, but further examination showed the testicles occupying nearly their normal position, high up on each side near the pubes. The tumor consisted chiefly of slippery lobes that eluded tho grasp. Upon cutting down, the first
more » ... ing down, the first lobe that was cxposod declared the iibro-cellular character of the tissue. After a tedious dissection,.the tumor resolved itself into two principal masses. Each of these was somewhat lobulatcd, six or more inches in length, three or four inches in diameter, and smallest at the neck. The dissection was carried backwards and downwards through the triangular ligament. Their insertion was discovered fan-shaped and expanded, high up somewhero between tho prostate gland and rectum, whero ligatures were passed around tho two pedicles and the masses were cut away. The microscope showed them to consist of a fibroid structure, with some attempt at an elongated cell-growth. Soon after the patient left the hospital, the tumor began again to grow, and slowly increased in size up to the timo of entrance. The scrotum was distended by the tumor, which was of tho size of a large cocoanut, and consisting of several lobes. It could bo traced backwards towards the anus, where its limits were undefined. In front, on the sides, the testicles wero felt. The anterior wall of the scrotum was very much thickened, and at ono point •adherent to tho tumor. Jan. 5th.-Patient was etherized, and Dr. Bigclow made an incision along the median line of the scrotum from the peno-scrotal angle to tho perinamm. Tho tumor was then carefully separated from its attach-Vol.
doi:10.1056/nejm186704040760901 fatcat:ao74clk37zf3zf2o2fi7dqdkfm