Cryptanalysis of the Structure-Preserving Signature Scheme on Equivalence Classes from Asiacrypt 2014 [chapter]

Yanbin Pan
2016 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
At Asiacrypt 2014, Hanser and Slamanig presented a new cryptographic primitive called structure-preserving signature scheme on equivalence classes in the message space (G * 1 ) , where G1 is some additive cyclic group. Based on the signature scheme, they constructed an efficient multi-show attribute-based anonymous credential system that allows to encode an arbitrary number of attributes. The signature scheme was claimed to be existentially unforgeable under the adaptive chosen message attacks
more » ... n the generic group model. However, for = 2, Fuchsbauer pointed out a valid existential forgery can be generated with overwhelming probability by using 4 adaptive chosen-message queries. Hence, the scheme is existentially forgeable under the adaptive chosen message attack at least when = 2. In this paper, we show that even for the general case ≥ 2, the scheme is existentially forgeable under the non-adaptive chosen message attack and universally forgeable under the adaptive chosen message attack. It is surprising that our attacks will succeed all the time and need fewer queries, which give a better description of the scheme's security.
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-29485-8_17 fatcat:xegveciwhjdijfcsadot62zfva