Biophysical qualities of the hoof horn and its influence on cows productive longevity

Sergey Karamaev, Nina Cumshewa, Khaidar Valitov, Anna Karamaeva, S. Ignateva, D. Rudoy
2020 E3S Web of Conferences  
The main research objective was to study the influence of the hoof shape, hardness and elasticity of the hoofed horn on the cows' productive use period duration in modern dairy complexes. The research object was black-motley cows, rejected due to limb disease. The shape of the hoof is divided into normal, with angle of 45-55о, sharp – less than 45о and obtuse – more than 55о. In the group of retired cows with the correct shape, there was 76% of animals. Studies have shown that 55.2% of cows had
more » ... t 55.2% of cows had a hoof hardness 80-85 ShA, but the longest period of life was in animals with a score of 91 or more ShA, and the maximum lifetime milk yield with an indicator 86-90 ShA. Most of (61,6%) retired cows had an indicator of hoof horn elasticity 3,1-3,5×1010 Pa. Moreover, the highest rates of productive longevity were observed in cows with hoof horn elasticity 2,6-3,0×1010 Pa. Therefore, for further use, it is desirable to select animals having front wall inclination angle of the hoof 50-550, with hardness hoofed horn 86-90 ShA, and elasticity 2,6-3,0×1010 Pa.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202017503021 fatcat:tiywdcgqczcypfhearnbwifzaq