Carbon Nanotube-Supported Copper-Cobalt Catalyst for the Production of Higher Carbon Number Alcohols through Carbon Monoxide Hydrogenation

Peng Wang, Xihua Du, Wenchang Zhuang, Keying Cai, Jing Li, Yan Xu, Yingmei Zhou, Kai Sun, Shuyao Chen, Xiaoli Li, Yisheng Tan
2017 Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society  
A series of carbon nanotube (CNTs)-supported copper-cobalt catalysts were prepared and investigated in a slurry reactor for their ability to selectively convert syngas into higher carbon number alcohols. The 7.5Cu7.5Co/CNTs catalyst achieved superior selectivity towards the formation of ethanol (30.1%) and C 2+ alcohols (57.7%), while the 10Co5Cu/CNTs catalyst exhibited the largest alcohol space-time yield (372.9 mg g cat -1 h -1 ). However, the pure Cu (15Cu/CNTs) catalyst displayed negligible
more » ... activity. Cobalt reduction was enhanced in the presence of copper. In addition to the Cu 0 -Co 0 center, Co 0 -Co 2+ also presented dual active sites for higher alcohols synthesis, the Co 2+ site could terminate carbon chain growth to produce alcohols. The ratio of Cu/Co considerably influences the metal particle properties-synergistically effecting the active species.
doi:10.21577/0103-5053.20170237 fatcat:2npnytpqszgp3lhn2xdulthxwu