Fungi in the respiratory tract of horses with recurrent airway obstruction

M.O. Xavier, C.E.W. Nogueira, M. Meirelles, W.R. Fernandes, H. Andreolla, L.C. Severo, A.C. Pasqualotto, M.C.A. Meireles
2014 Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia  
This study aims to compare the concentration of viable fungi, especially those of the genus Aspergillus in the respiratory tract of stabled horses with and without Recurrent Airway Obstruction (RAO). Thirty two housed horses from four equestrian centers in Brazil were included in the study. These animals were submitted to clinical examination and to a respiratory sample collection. They were categorized into two groups: healthy and RAO-affected horses. Samples obtained by tracheobronchial
more » ... cheobronchial washes were evaluated for fungal microscopy, quantitative culture and Aspergillus spp. quantification. Eighteen healthy and 14 RAO-affected horses were studied. Fungi were more frequently recovered in the RAO group, in comparison to controls, for both fungal microscopy (P<0.0001), fungal culture (P<0.0001) and Aspergillus spp. quantitative culture (p=0.001). In conclusion, horses with RAO have significantly higher fungal load in the respiratory tract in comparison to healthy horses. The implications of these findings in terms of the pathogenesis of RAO deserve additional investigation.
doi:10.1590/1678-6552 fatcat:kve2mznopzcvfbdrud2y5h4djq