Identification of Decapterus sp. potential fishing grounds in Java and Western Kalimantan Seas

Avrionesti, M R Putri
2018 IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environment  
Decapterus sp. is one of the main targeted species for small pelagic fish in Java and western Kalimantan Seas (Karimata Strait and South China Sea). Decapterus sp. mainly catch at around 40-70 meters depth. They live in warm waters (more than 26°C) with salinity greater than 30 ppt, pH greater than 7.75 , and concentration of dissolved oxygen (DO) greater than 4.2 ml/l. Datas were obtained from World Ocean Atlas 2013, NCEP, and result of numerical model. The aim of the research was to
more » ... ch was to investigate the seasonal variation of decapterus sp. potential fishing ground. The results show that variation of seasonal oceanographic conditions has an impact to the potential fishing ground pattern of decapterus sp. The catching prediction area was at 20 m depth, except when second transition season which was at 40 meters depth. Fishing period should be done during the rainy season according to the widest area of potential fishing ground.
doi:10.1088/1755-1315/162/1/012022 fatcat:6vlmmatsxzhubekifhohnjtasy