Design of Bldc Motor for Agriculture Pump Application

2019 International journal of recent technology and engineering  
This paper presents the analytical design method for surface mounted BLDC motor to meet the performance requirements of submersible Pump for agriculture application. The design calculations involved assumption of various design variables viz. Stacking factor, leakage factor, Flux densities in stator and rotor yokes and flux density in the stator teeth etc. With these assumptions the geometry of the intended motor is derived. The geometrical information like the rotor diameter, rotor and stator
more » ... , rotor and stator thickness and stator teeth thickness etc. obtained from the analytical calculations are used as input to Finite Element Model (FEM) Analysis tool FEMAG. The Torque-Speed characteristics, back EMF, flux densities in various parts of the motor are obtained from FEM Analysis and the same are compared with the results obtained from Analytical design. Various designed parameters like airgap length, stack length and magnet widths are varied and their influence on the characteristics of the intended BLDC motor is obtained through FEM Analysis. Based on the analytical models and FEM Analysis the design parameters are tweaked until the desired performance for the agriculture pump is accomplished.
doi:10.35940/ijrte.b1513.078219 fatcat:xnsx2uvstbefni67tyhrpxjmim