Antimicrobial activity and thiosulfinates profile of a formulation based on Allium cepa L. extract

O. Orăşan, R. Oprean, A. Saplonţai-Pop, M. Filip, R. Carpa, C. Saroşi, M. Moldovan, S.C. Man
2017 Open Chemistry  
AbstractBackgroundspecies extracts includingMethodologyAntibacterial activity of a formulation based onResultsThe most important inhibition and the highest antibacterial effficiency were observed against Gram-positive bacteria, such asConclusionTesting antimicrobial effects using the three mentioned methods confirmed the antimicrobial activity of the tested samples based on
doi:10.1515/chem-2017-0021 fatcat:6c2skwcpfbbu3cgkjf4pxbh3fm