Sobre os tipos de Hesperiidae descritos por Roeber (Lepidoptera)

Olaf H. H. Mielke
1989 Revista Brasileira de Zoologia  
ABSTRACf Comments on the systematic position and svnonymy of the Hesperiidae described by J. Roeber are presented. The Syn. n. are the fol!owing : Jemadia gigantea . Metron leucogaster leucomelas (Roeber, 1925) is a Comb. n. and a Stat. n. for Zenis leucomelas. Lectotypes are designated for the fol!owing species or subspecies: Mimoniades hemitaenia Roe-
doi:10.1590/s0101-81751989000100015 fatcat:wnl7lcksszbfziofmdaogroime