An improved correlation coefficient between intuitionistic fuzzy sets and its applications to real-life decision-making problems

Paul Augustine Ejegwa, University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Nigeria
2020 Notes on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets  
Correlation coefficient between intuitionistic fuzzy sets (CCIFSs) is a vital research area in intuitionistic fuzzy set theory and has great practical application in a variety of areas. Many methods of computing CCIFSs have been studied hitherto. Due to the weakness in some existing methods of computing CCIFSs, an advanced CCIFSs technique is proposed in this paper which has some advantages over the similar existing methods. This new CCIFSs technique is an improved version of some CCIFSs
more » ... some CCIFSs techniques. A set of numerical illustrations are given to determine the effectiveness of the introduced CCIFSs method over the similar existing ones. Furthermore, we apply the new technique of computing CCIFSs to solve real-life decisionmaking (RLDM) problems of personnel appointment exercise and career determination problem represented in intuitionistic fuzzy values. This proposed measuring tool could be exploited in other multi-criteria decision-making problems via cluster algorithm approach.
doi:10.7546/nifs.2020.26.2.1-14 fatcat:geudi3iywvck5chsb4zomidu3m