Pattern-based Acquisition of Scientific Entities from Scholarly Article Titles [article]

Jennifer D'Souza, Soeren Auer
2021 arXiv   pre-print
We describe a rule-based approach for the automatic acquisition of salient scientific entities from Computational Linguistics (CL) scholarly article titles. Two observations motivated the approach: (i) noting salient aspects of an article's contribution in its title; and (ii) pattern regularities capturing the salient terms that could be expressed in a set of rules. Only those lexico-syntactic patterns were selected that were easily recognizable, occurred frequently, and positionally indicated
more » ... scientific entity type. The rules were developed on a collection of 50,237 CL titles covering all articles in the ACL Anthology. In total, 19,799 research problems, 18,111 solutions, 20,033 resources, 1,059 languages, 6,878 tools, and 21,687 methods were extracted at an average precision of 75%.
arXiv:2109.00199v2 fatcat:m6unmkjofjfe3ckfnb5h5f7zc4