Research on Control Method of Keeping Flight Formation by Using SDRE on the Sun-Earth Libration Points

He Zhenqi, Zhang Ke, Lv Meibai
2017 Advances in Astronomy  
Keeping the flying formation of spacecraft is a key problem which needs to be solved in deep space exploration missions. In this paper, the nonlinear dynamic model of formation flying is established and a series of transformations are carried out on this model equation. By using SDRE (State-Dependent Riccati Equation) algorithm, the optimal control of flying formation is realized. Compared with the traditional control method based on the average orbit elements and LQR (Linear Quadratic
more » ... Quadratic Regulator) control method, the SDRE control method has higher control precision and is more suitable for the advantages of continuous control in practical engineering. Finally, the parameter values of the sun-earth libration point L2 are substituted in the equation and simulation is performed. The simulation curves of SDRE controller are compared with LQR controller. The results show that the SDRE controllers time cost is less than the LQR controllers and the former's fuel consumption is less than the latter's in the system transition process.
doi:10.1155/2017/4162838 fatcat:f57wz56fijb6pnvlyahpcjy744