Typical Designs and their effect in the construction phase-The case of Mizan-Tepi University [article]

Tsome Mussie Arega
The construction industry is suffering in different forms of problems though its contribution for the GDP of countries is still significant. This is because the first and the most important phase that needs attention is usually overviewed much attention being given to the construction phase. But, the major problems that arise in the construction are related to and are the result of the design phase omissions and negligence. Poor feasibility, incomplete designs, poor geotechnical investigations
more » ... cal investigations are few among the most important design consideration for a given design what so ever building, road or dam. Irrespective of these site specific considerations ,many owners prefer the typical designs than the premium, for mere reason of less design fee, ease of project monitoring and controlling .The Ministry of Education is on to be noted for the implementation of typical designs that it was building in the 13 universities located in different regions of the country. It may seem simple at the beginning to implement typical designs at the beginning ,but experience has shown that ,typical designs those seems to cost less ,are finally costly and time taking. The construction projects in Mizan-Teppi University are one among the thirteen University typical designs. Hence, the history of the construction process was not only the history of delay, termination and ultimate dispute was also a question of end users and victim contractors. The program though designed as a means to build the capacity of contractors was not as assumed, and hence many contractors were victim of termination which are the problems related to additional costs and time,all the result of the typical designs. Whenever, designs are done by due consideration of the prevailing design parameters there will be few or no variation works, resulting in no few claims for time and cost on the side of the contractor. As per the agreement to design typical designs, MH consulting Engineers who was in charge of the design and supervision, designed all the 13 Universities, [...]
doi:10.20372/nadre:1548579229.34 fatcat:fck477ixmvdhdayy7ry66a7cuy