Our Blunders as Students

L. F. C. Garvin
1870 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
tance. The possibility of the eyes not being able to maintain easily the desired convergence must also be remembered. For the recognition and treatment of the latter condition we must here refer to the very elaborate and minute teachings of Graefe on insufficiency of the internal recti. The following moro detailed directions as to the selection of glasses are taken from Donders. " When the myopia is slight, in reference to the range of accommodation, and the oyo is otherwise healthy," the glass
more » ... healthy," the glass which corrects the myopia for distant objects may also be worn for near objects. " Glasses of-fo adopted at 11 years of age are often still sufficient at 45, both for seeing acutely at distance and for ordinary close work." " The myopia thus neutral-
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