Testing of commercial toluidine

F. F. Raabe
1891 The Analyst  
EVEN in the aniline trade the necessity has been felt of late years to sell pure products with guaranteed analysis, particularly in the case of aniline and tolhdine. A t one time most of the toluidine offered for sale was tested by the buyers a,s to its specific gravity and boiling point, but now they demand a specified percentage of p toluidine. The estimation of this body in presence of o toluidine and aniline often leads to disputes with the manufacturers, because the testing is not always
more » ... ing is not always done precisely in the =me manner. cliem. fit., Nos. 8 and 12, 1891.
doi:10.1039/an8911600093 fatcat:skos6hururcl7c7gphxhuuuyhu