Thermodynamic Analysis of Phenol Adsorption by Powdered Activated Carbon
활성탄에 의한 페놀 흡착의 열역학적 연구

Hwanik Kim, Myoung-Eun Lee, Seoktae Kang, Jae-Woo Chung
2013 Journal of Korean Society of Environmental Engineers  
The adsorption characteristics of phenol by the powdered activated carbon (PAC) were investigated by series of batch experiments. The pseudo-second-order model described the adsorption kinetics adequately with correlation coefficients over 0.999, indicating chemical adsorption as the rate-limiting step. The kinetic rate constants were from 0.55 to 19.81 mg mg -1 min -1 . The adsorption isotherm followed the Langmuir isotherm, indicating the homogeneous mono-layer adsorption onto the surface of
more » ... nto the surface of the adsorbent. The values of activation energy, enthalpy and entropy were 17.44 kJ mol -1 , -8.26 kJ mol -1 and -18.94 J mol -1 K -1 , respectively. The Gibbs free energy was in the range of -2.89~-2.14 kJ mol -1 . The results show that the phenol adsorption is physical, spontaneous and exothermic reaction.
doi:10.4491/ksee.2013.35.3.220 fatcat:dfwyqcr4lvcljmekzklmtki7j4