Pengenalan Finger Vein Menggunakan Local Line Binary Pattern dan Learning Vector Quantization

Jayanti Yusmah Sari, Rizal Adi Saputra
2018 Jurnal ULTIMA Computing  
This research proposes finger vein recognition system using Local Line Binary Pattern (LLBP) method and Learning Vector Quantization (LVQ). LLBP is is the advanced feature extraction method of Local Binary Pattern (LBP) method that uses a combination of binary values from neighborhood pixels to form features of an image. The straight-line shape of LLBP can extract robust features from the images with unclear veins, it is more suitable to capture the pattern of vein in finger vein image. At the
more » ... vein image. At the recognition stage, LVQ is used as a classification method to improve recognition accuracy, which has been shown in earlier studies to show better results than other classifier methods. The three main stages in this research are preprocessing, feature extraction using LLBP method and recognition using LVQ. The proposed methodology has been tested on the SDUMLA-HMT finger vein image database from Shandong University. The experiment shows that the proposed methodology can achieve accuracy up to 90%. Index Terms—finger vein recognition, Learning Vector Quantization, LLBP, Local Line Binary Pattern, LVQ.
doi:10.31937/sk.v9i2.790 fatcat:puovh74itrcgfmo6tdctkt2mm4