Endoscopic surgical treatment with nasal cavity approach for chondrosarcoma of paranasal sinus and the skull base [post]

2019 unpublished
Chondrosarcoma(ChSa) is a rare malignant tumor. But it's necessary to discuss the clinical characteristics and treatments for ChSa of paranasal sinus and the skull base. Methods The clinical characteristics of ChSa of paranasal sinus and skull base in 10 patients (6 males and 4 females) from 2001 to 2017 were analyzed. They all underwent by endoscopic surgery . The patients' age ranged from 18 to 47 years, with a median of 35 years. Clinical symptoms: stuffy, nose bleeding, runny, headache,
more » ... unny, headache, diplopia, eye outreach limited, blurred vision and even blindness. Surgery methods under nasal endoscopy, after the attachment sites of the tumors to normal tissues were confirmed, the tumors were peeled off along the clear boundary between the tumors and normal tissues, and the potential residual tumor tissues on bones were cleared by a drill. Results All patients were treated with endoscopic surgery followed up postoperatively for 24 to 108 months, with a median of 36 months. 8 of 10 patients were no recurrence,2 were alive with tumor. Conclusion ChSa of paranasal sinus and skull base can be treated by nasal endoscopic surgery with good clinical results.
doi:10.21203/rs.2.15283/v1 fatcat:nvzkliffpjcwphqqg3j3bxt7xq