Kalulu und andere afrikanische Märchen. Eine deutschsprachige Märchensammlung im Spannungsfeld zwischen unterschiedlichen Gattungen, Sprachen und Kulturen [chapter]

2020 Konzepte der Interkulturalität in der Germanistik weltweit  
This article analyzes selected African fairy tales in German language from an intercultural perspective. The corpus is based on Nasrin Siege's collection of African fairy tales under the title »Kalulu und andere afrikanische Märchen«. The contribution focusses on discrepancies noticeable in the above-mentioned collection of African literary texts at the linguistic and cultural level as well as in terms of literary genres. The main objective is to examine which different transfer procedures are
more » ... bservable in the process of the German literary text production, in terms of style und cultural values. This enables answering the central questions of how some analyzed texts are historically situated from an African perspective and geographically located in Africa. Furthermore, I investigate which cultural specificities (names and forms of address, but also ways of life etc.) related to African societies are transported through the process of the German literary production of the selected African fairy tales. Last but not least, the issue of the ›moral of the story‹ as part of the analyzed fairy tales is examined and put in relation to values of African societies transmitted through the analyzed texts. Title: Kalulu und andere afrikanische Märchen: A German collection of fairy tales in the intersection between different literary genres, languages and cultures
doi:10.14361/9783839450413-024 fatcat:atzj7bxrbvcrnmqmmgtnsfkx6y