Desempenho e comportamento ingestivo de novilhos holandeses terminados em confinamento com probiótico

Mikael NEUMANN, Robson Kyoshi UENO, Guilherme Fernando Mattos LEÃO, Esther Devantier MENDES, Rodolfo CARLETTO, Itacir Eloi SANDINI
2014 Revista Acadêmica  
The animal nutrition industry constantly launches products to improve animal performance, including a large number of yeast strains, which makes it necessary to check their effectiveness. The objective of the present study was to evaluate the feed intake performance behavior and apparent dry matter digestibility in Holstein bull calves fed with probiotics and finished in confinement. The experimental design was completely randomized with 6 replicates using 24 bull calves with the inclusion or
more » ... t of dried Saccharomyces cerevisiae KA 500 (2x10 1 0 CFU g -1 ) in their diet. There was no significant difference (P>0.05) for any of the variables tested. The average daily weight gain was 1.285 kg -1 .animal -1 .day -1 , while the dry matter intake averaged 7.54 kg -1 .animal -1 .day -1 . The average feed conversion was 6.06 kg of dry matter per kg weight gain, and the average consumption per 100 kg of live weight was 2.32 kg. Rumination, leisure, feeding and drinking times averaged 6.80, 13.97, 3.07 and 0.17 -1 , respectively. The use of probiotic did not cause significant difference to the feed intake performance behavior and apparent digestibility of confined Holstein calves. [K]
doi:10.7213/academica.12.01.ao02 fatcat:bmrplkiv7bh7pdwxdfa4f7fbdy