The Intermediary Role of the Occupational Adjustment in Effects of Future Expectation on Occupation Perception of the Cookers

2017 Journal of Strategic Research in Social Science  
The aim of this study is to test the mediating role of the Occupational Adjustment (OA), between the Future Expectancy (FE) and the Occupational Perception (OP). For this purpose, the level of occupational Adjustment, occupational perception and future expectancy of the cooks were investigated. The data were obtained through questionnaires from the chefs participating in the Golden Grab International Food Contest held in Alanya in 2014 and the findings are limited to the 163 cooks participating
more » ... cooks participating in this survey. Survey data were obtained by easy sampling. The data obtained in the study were analyzed using SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) 22.0 program. Descriptive statistical methods (number, percentage, mean, standard deviation) were used when the data were evaluated. The t-test was used for comparison of quantitative data, the one-way ANOVA test was used for two-way group comparisons, and the Scheffe Post Hoc test was used to determine the difference. The relationship between dependent and independent variables of the study was tested by Pearson correlation and the effect was tested by regression analysis. The Future Expectation (FE) and Occupational Perception (OP) levels of the participants in the survey were "high"; Occupational Adjustment (OA) level was found to be "very high". There was a"Medium" level positive correlation between "Occupational Adjustment" and "Occupational Perception" and also there was "weak" level positive correlation between "Future Expectation" and these variables. As a result of the hierarchical regression analysis and the Sobel test, a partial mediator role of the Occupational Adjustment variable was found between the future expectancy and Occupational Perception.
doi:10.26579/josress-3.3.1 fatcat:djeztwawbfc5ddo5meiyq4ictu