International Data Communication and Third World Applications: The IDRC Experience [chapter]

David A. Balson, Robert Valantin, Martha B. Stone
1989 ISO Standards for Computer Graphics  
Computer-based messaging, bulletin-board, and conferencing systems are increasingly being used as computer and telecommunication technologies converge. With the exponential growth of information, especially in the scientific and technical domain, the need for effective and efficient methods for the transfer of information is becoming ever more pressing. These data communication techniques, non-real time and relatively low-cost in nature, can facilitate this information exchange. Recognizing
more » ... ge. Recognizing these facts, the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) is developing a program of support for the promotion and use of these techniques in support of research activities in developing countries. A number of other IDRC initiatives in the area of modern and appropriate information tools and methods complement this program. -2-DATA COMMUNICATIONS FOR DEVELOPNENT: TECHNIQUES AND EXPERIENCES Packet Switching These communication techniques are proliferating partly as a result of the implementation of packet switching networks and the resulting savings in cost and time.(2) Packet switching was developed initially for interactive applications with computers (on-line retrieval). Communications sent by a terminal are broken into short packets with source, destination, and serial information attached to each packet. Packets are transmitted through nodes in the network by the most appropriate available route, and are retransmitted if acknowledgement of reception from any node is not received. The packets are then reassembled at the destination.
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