Investigation into Constitutive Equation and Hot Compression Deformation Behavior of 6061 Al Alloy

2019 Tehnički Vjesnik  
Hot compression tests of 6061 Al alloy were applied under the Gleeble-3500 system at temperature range of 300 -450 °C and strain rate range of 0.01-10 s −1 . The true stress-strain curves of 6061 Al alloy were acquired and the flow stress was recorded and corrected. The associated microstructure of 6061 Al alloy after hot deformation process was observed. The results suggest that the stress level of 6061 Al alloy during hot compression process decreases with increasing compression temperature
more » ... ssion temperature and decreasing strain rate. Arrhenius equation and the Zener-Hollomon parameter in the hyperbolic sine-type equation were utilized in present research to formulate the constitutive equation of 6061 Al alloy. The microstructure after hot deformation consists of elongated grains and the dynamic recovery of 6061 Al alloy occurs during hot compression. However, for the alloy deformed at low Z value, the existence of newly refined grains around the serrated grain boundaries indicates the occurrence of partial dynamic recrystallization.
doi:10.17559/tv-20190606144011 fatcat:32hftrtd7zevbbbu4gpsmlwl4i