Searching for a solution: engineering tradeoffs and the evolution of provably secure protocols

J.A. Clark, J.L. Jacob
Proceeding 2000 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy. S&P 2000  
Tradeoffs are an important part of engineering security. Protocol security is important. So are efficiency and cost. This paper provides an early framework for handling such aspects in a uniform way based on combinatorial optimisation techniques. BAN logic is viewed as both a specification and proof system and as a 'protocol programming language'. The paper shows how evolutionary search in the form of genetic algorithms can be utilised to 'grow' correct and efficient BAN protocols and shows how
more » ... ocols and shows how goals and assumptions can co-evolve, effectively engaging in 'specification synthesis'. Design Synthesis via Optimisation Abstract View of Design Our approach couches protocol synthesis within a more general combinatorial optimisation search framework. In abstract terms, the design problem may be stated as follows: • Let DS be the design space, the set of all possible designs. • Let valueOf:DS → be a function that maps each design to a measure of how 'good' it is. • Find best ∈ DS such that valueOf(best) = sup x∈DS valueOf(x)
doi:10.1109/secpri.2000.848447 dblp:conf/sp/ClarkJ00 fatcat:fydshinlmrac3on6dnt7qaxwiu