45S5 Bioglass porous scaffolds: structure, composition and bioactivity characterization

ME Abad-Javier, Marcos Cajero-Juárez, María Eugenia Contreras García
2016 Építőanyag: Journal of Silicate Based and Composite Materials  
Advanced ceramics development is a promising area in regenerative medicine; although there are different biomaterials with features that make them viable enough, their improvement and optimization is required to produce biomaterials easier to bio assimilate and promote a faster tissue recovery. At this work a nanostructured bioglass based biomimetic scaffold is developed, beginning with the sol-gel synthesis parameters establishment coupled with a spray drying stage. through X-ray diffraction
more » ... X-ray diffraction the crystal na 6 ca 3 si 6 o 18 phase was characterized, this phase is common to find in almost every 45s5 bioglass different synthesis processes, also a standard of mammalian hydroxyapatite was prepared to be used as a comparative control in determining the bioglass scaffold bioactivity. three-dimensional structure was characterized by optical and scanning electron microscopy, coupled to a semi-quantitative technique (eDs) to determine the composition of the synthesized biomaterial. subsequently, simulated body fluid (sBF) was used as an in vitro system, whose composition emulates the ionic blood concentration to evaluate the scaffold bioactivity.
doi:10.14382/epitoanyag-jsbcm.2016.22 fatcat:vefhmt7i7fan7bzheztehmu3jy