The Research On EGNOS System In Context Of The Ability To Determine The Ship's Hull Spatial Orientation

Aleksander Nowak
2014 Annual of Navigation  
The European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS) thanks to geostationary satellites covers an area of whole Europe, including Baltic and North Sea. It allows to fix the coordinates of object position with typical absolute accuracy of 1,5 m. Previous research have shown that relative accuracy is usually higher than absolute one [Nowak A., 2010; Nowak A., 2011], so probably it could be possible to use EGNOS to determine direction in space. The research described in the paper
more » ... the paper concerned relative accuracy of three homogeneous EGNOS receivers, in context of the ability to determine the ship's hull spatial orientation. Theoretical basis, the process of the experiment and the results of recorded data analysis were described. The research were conducted in the summer of 2014. Three homogenous Leica Viva series receivers were used. They were configured to receive a differential messages of the EGNOS system. Recorded data were analyzed in context of fixes relative accuracy. On the basis of achieved results, a conclusion about the possibility of construction the measurement system for the automatic determination of the ship's hull spatial orientation angles in real time was drawn. The further research directions were pointed out, too.
doi:10.1515/aon-2015-0009 fatcat:yvga2byitfhxdm2kkzzultkpyq