Amalan Diagnosis Dalam Perubatan Melayu Berdasarkan Kitab Tib (Diagnosis Practice In Malay Medicine Based on The Kitab Tib)

Fairuzah Mat Salleh, Zilal Saari, Nur Najwa Hanani Abdul Rahman, Norhissam Mustafa
2020 UMRAN - International Journal of Islamic and Civilizational Studies  
This article will highlight the practices practiced in Malay medicine to diagnose an illness experienced by a patient based on the information contained in the kitab tib. This study will focus on six kitab tib that have been transliterated to roman writing. Then, these kitab tib will be analyzed to determine the diagnostic practices presented therein and structured their information based on certain categories and justifications. The main purpose is to analyze the contents of the kitab tib
more » ... the kitab tib based on these three criteria (i) the diagnosis practices used in each kitab tib, (ii) the elements that influence the diagnosis based on each kitab tib, (iii) the main diagnostic method set forth in each kitab tib. As a result of this study, the practice of diagnosis in Malay medicine based on these kitab tib emphasizes on identifying imbalances between the four main elements of the body namely wind, fire, water and soil. These four elements will affect the state of the fluid in the body and consequently affect the results of the diagnosis. With this, it will determine the appropriate treatment to be given to a patient but it is necessary to provide latest complete analytical information to produce more accurate treatment results.
doi:10.11113/umran2020.6n3-2.417 fatcat:6disws4iljekvmwx5llwjq4p4m