Reply to Michael Sabom's commentary

2005 Journal of Near-Death Studies  
In his commentary, Michael Sabom contends that my argument falls short of demonstrating a congruence between near-death research findings and John Shelby Spong's spiritual view of humanity, continuity view of Jesus, and call for a new Christianity. Sabom is correct that near-death research sheds no direct light on Jesus' true identity and that research find ings regarding near-death experiences (NDEs) should not be used to promote religious agendas. Nonetheless, I suggest in this reply that the
more » ... this reply that the NDE's ontological and spiritual significance extends to religious issues and raises questions relevant to whether near-death experiencers and Jesus have spirituality in common.
doi:10.17514/jnds-2005-24-2-p105-107. fatcat:dbegkyvl6ncgxagvuuvvfumduq