Voice Scrambling Algorithm based on 3D Chaotic Map System (VSA3DCS) to Encrypt Audio Files

Osama M. Abu Zaid
2020 International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications  
Here, a proposed voice scrambling algorithm established on one of two 3D chaotic maps systems (VSA3DCS) will be presented, discussed, and applied on audio signals file. The two 3D chaotic map systems in which any one of them is used to build VSA3DCS are Chen's chaotic map system and Lorenz chaotic map system. Also Arnold cat map-based scrambling algorithm will be applied on the same sample of audio signals. These Scrambling algorithms are used to encrypt the audio files by shuffling the
more » ... uffling the positions of signals at different conditions with the audio file as one block or two blocks. Amplitude values of audio signals with signals' time are registered and plotted for original file versus encrypted files which are produced from applying VSA3DCS using Chen's, VSA3DCS using Lorenz, and Arnold-based algorithm. The spectrogram frequencies of audio signals with signals' time are plotted for original file versus encrypted files for all algorithms. Also, the histogram of the original file and encrypted audio signals are registered and plotted. The comparative analysis is presented by using some measuring factors for both of encryption and decryption processes, such as; the time of encryption and decryption, Correlation Coefficient of original and encrypted signals between the samples, the Spectral Distortion (SD) measure, Log-Likelihood Ratio (LLR) measure, and key sensitivity measuring factor. The results of several experimental and comparative analyses will show that the VSA3DCS algorithm using Chen's or Lorenz is a good algorithm to provide an effective and safe solution to voice signal encryption, and also VSA3DCS algorithm better than Arnoldbased algorithm in all results with all cases.
doi:10.14569/ijacsa.2020.0110571 fatcat:5a6j3lujxrdy5bj3zbhftx4xym